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Giants and Demons

Giants and Demons : Putana the Poisoned-Milk Demoness By Shubha Vilas

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A perfect source to introduce children to their valuable culture and tradition, while making them understand that good always prevails over evil.

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Kansa summoned Putana and sent her on an evil mission. Putana visited Gokula transformed as a lovely woman. Who was Putana? On what mission did Kansa send her? Did she succeed? Or not? Spiritual seeker and author Shubha Vilas has simplified this lesser-known tale of Putana the Poisoned-Milk Demoness in his inimitable style. The easy flowing language and wonderful illustrations add to the charm and make it a prized possession in one’s personal collection.

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Reading age
2 - 9 Years
Print length
16 pages
27.5 x 25 x 0.3 cm
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Shubha Vilas

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