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Amma, Tell me about...

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The festival of Janamashtmi –

Celebrates the birth of Krishna,

An avatar of Lord Vishnu,

Born to rid the world of evil Kansa.

Mahabharata : Illustrated...

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The Mahabharata is the longest narrative in the world chronicling the fortunes of the Kuru dynasty. Amidst all the grandeur and heroism, the friendships, alliances and feuds, lies the coveted throne of Hastinapur. Who will ascend it? What will it cost the rightful heir? 

Lucidly retold by acclaimed author Anupa Lal, this timeless epic tale is sure to enthral readers as it brings alive a mythical world of strange encounters, magical weapons and a raging battlefield. Vividly illustrated by award winning illustrator Ishan, this great story elucidates the integral role that karma and dharma play in our lives.

The Gita: For Children by...

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It's one of the oldest books in the world and India's biggest blockbuster bestseller!

- But isn't it meant only for religious old people?

- But isn't it very long... and, erm, super difficult to read?

- But isn't the stuff it talks about way too complex for regular folks to understand?

Prepare to be surprised.

Roopa Pai's spirited, one-of-a-kind retelling of the epic conversation between Pandava prince Arjuna and his mentor and friend Krishna busts these and other such myths about the Bhagavad Gita. Lucid, thought-provoking and brimming with fun trivia, this book will stay with you long after you have turned the last page.

Why haven't you read it yet?

Little Krishna -...

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Kamsa wants to kill Krishna, to prove the prophecy of his death wrong. Will he succeed? The book entails the gripping tales of Krishna's childhood; permeated with his adventures in the forests of Vrindavan, his gaiety time on the banks of River Yamuna, his endearing love for his cows, and the resolute faith of the people of Vrindavan in him. Dive into the fascinating world of Krishna meticulously weaved through the enthralling tales and gorgeous illustrations that are sure to captivate the young readers with its magical spell.

Goddesses of India : Radha...
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Goddesses of India : Radha...

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When Krishna planned his appearance on Earth, he asked Radha to go before he did. Radha took birth and opened her eyes only after Krishna arrived. Who were Radha’s parents on Earth? How did Krishna meet her? What was the first word uttered by Radha? Spiritual seeker and author Shubha Vilas simplified this lesser-known tale of goddess Radha in his inimitable style. The easy flowing language and wonderful illustrations add to the charm and make it a prized possession in one’s personal collection.

Pop-up Krishna

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Find out about the life and miracles of the mischievous God Krishna, in this beautifully illustrated pop-up book and experience his divine power.