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Amma tell me about Raksha...

£7.99 Price

A promise to love and to protect

Is sealed by the special thread of Rakhi.

Learn how this lovey tradition began

With Amma, Klaka and little Kiki.

How Vishnu taught arrogant Bali a lesson;

A story about Indra, the God of lightning.

Learn the power of this special thread and how

Tagore used it to stop brothers from fighting.

Festivals of India

£6.99 Price

The colourful festivals of India are an integral part of the life of its people. They are symbols of the rich cultural heritage of this diverse land. Each unique festival is a celebration of great significance, where India comes alive in its fascinating best. This beautifully illustrated book tells you all about festivals from the diverse regions and religions of India; with detailed descriptions of celebrations and the story behind them.

The Gita: For Children by...

£7.90 Price

It's one of the oldest books in the world and India's biggest blockbuster bestseller!

- But isn't it meant only for religious old people?

- But isn't it very long... and, erm, super difficult to read?

- But isn't the stuff it talks about way too complex for regular folks to understand?

Prepare to be surprised.

Roopa Pai's spirited, one-of-a-kind retelling of the epic conversation between Pandava prince Arjuna and his mentor and friend Krishna busts these and other such myths about the Bhagavad Gita. Lucid, thought-provoking and brimming with fun trivia, this book will stay with you long after you have turned the last page.

Why haven't you read it yet?

Mahabharata : Illustrated...

£21.99 Price

The Mahabharata is the longest narrative in the world chronicling the fortunes of the Kuru dynasty. Amidst all the grandeur and heroism, the friendships, alliances and feuds, lies the coveted throne of Hastinapur. Who will ascend it? What will it cost the rightful heir? 

Lucidly retold by acclaimed author Anupa Lal, this timeless epic tale is sure to enthral readers as it brings alive a mythical world of strange encounters, magical weapons and a raging battlefield. Vividly illustrated by award winning illustrator Ishan, this great story elucidates the integral role that karma and dharma play in our lives.

Illustrated Ramayana for...

£4.99 Price

This is an authentic retelling of Valmiki great epic Ramayana that chronicles Lord Rama’s heroism, and Sita’s grit and devotion. Flying chariots, magical weapons and a raging battlefield are brought to life in this timeless retelling by br>Shubha Vilas that will take young readers on an enchanting adventure, and also impart important values. Filled with vibrant illustrations by award-winning illustrator ishan, this book is a lucid narration of the triumph of good over evil.

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Giants and Demons :...

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Ravana’s ally Bhasmalochana could burn anything that fell in his line of vision. So he kept his eyes covered all the time. Ravana sent him on an important mission. What was that mission? Did he succeed? Who outwitted him? How was he defeated and killed? Spiritual seeker and author Shubha Vilas has simplified this lesser-known tale of Bhasmalochana the Fiery-Eyed Demon in his inimitable style. The easy flowing language and wonderful illustrations add to the charm and make it a prized possession in one’s personal collection.

Amma tell me about the...

£7.99 Price

Join Amma and the boys on a new adventure As life on earth is threatened by a terrible storm. Will noble Manu be able to save the planet With help from Vishnu who takes a fish's form? 

Amma Tell Me is a charming and informative series of children's books that introduces the major Hindu festivals and figures to young readers, and are perfect for families wanting to share stories of Hinduism with their children or for educators looking for resource on the Hindu culture for their students. Written in rhyme with vivid, captivating illustrations, this series brings Hindu mythology to its readers in a fun and non-preachy way. 

The Series has thirteen books on the festivals of Holi, Diwali, and on the Hindu gods Krishna, Hanuman and Ganesha.

Draupadi the Fire-born...

£10.99 Price

Love, revenge, compassion, betrayal, dignity, confidence and devotion: the canvas of Draupadi: The Fire-Born Princess (Campfire Graphic Novels) by Saraswati Nagpal is accumulated with emotions of various colours. Captured directly from the Indian epic Mahabharata, the book magnificently portrays the life of Draupadi. Unique in its craft, the book follows a very engaging pattern of narration that it manages to sketch Draupadi and her emotions straight into the reader's mind.


Giants and Demons
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Giants and Demons :...

£2.80 Regular price £3.50 -20% Price

A perfect source to introduce children to their valuable culture and tradition, while making them understand that good always prevails over evil.

Amma tell me about Hanuman...

£7.90 Price

In this children’s picture book, go on an adventure with siblings Klaka and Kiki as they listen to their Amma narrate the story of how Hanuman leapt across the ocean and the challenges he encountered on the way - a mountain, a giant snake, a sea dragon and a guard and how he vanquished them all! Book 2 of the Hanuman trilogy, for ages 2 to 8.

A beautifully illustrated book written in rhyme with captivating illustrations, written by Bhakti Mathur, author of the best-selling ‘Amma Tell Me’ Series.

In this new and epic story, Hanuman leaps across a mighty ocean, With his forgotten powers regained, And with his strength, wit and devotion.

The story of how he charmed a mountain, Defeated a dragon and crushed a snake. How he fought the powerful guard of Lanka, On his great mission for Rama's sake!

Gita3: A Contemporary Guide...

£9.99 Price

Gita3 Takes you on a scenic journey through the spiritual landscape of the Bhagvad Gita...three times! 

Prepare yourself for powerful philosophy and insightful psychology, made practical through over 50 thought experiments and life hacks.

The insights are concise, scientific and logical- not just appealing to a particular faith, belief or culture. Ancient wisdom, ever relevant.

KARNA: Victory in Death By...

£9.99 Price

Unwanted by his mother, snubbed by his blood-brothers and ridiculed by all, this is the story of the unsung hero of the Mahabharata. The graphic novel traces the life-journey of this brave and noble man who became victim to the twists of fate. Loyal to a fault, Karna's blind devotion to the wicked prince Duryodhana, the one man who accepts him as a friend, leads him to side with the Kauravas and fight against his own brothers in the Battle of Kurukshetra.