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My Little Book Of Durga

£3.99 Price

When Mahishasura makes the world weep and moan,
Who can stop him? Mighty Durga alone!
With charming illustrations and simple language, this short tale about the eternally powerful Goddess Durga will entertain and delight.

Nava Durga: The Nine Forms...

£5.99 Price

Durga, as this powerful warrior-goddess is known,
Has nine special forms-each one unique, not just a clone.
Shailaputri, Brahmacharini and Chandraghanta,
Kushmanda and Skandamata,
Katyayani and Kaalratri,
Maha Gauri and Siddhidatri . . .
They are the Nava Durga,
Worshipped during Navaratri,
The festival of nine nights and nine days
That's celebrated across India and the world in myriad ways
To praise the goddesses and their glory.
This is their story!

Amma tell me about Durga Puja

£7.99 Price

The city is abuzz with fanfare and fervour, Giant idols under wraps, ready to be unfurled, Colourful pandaals receive finishing touches To host the biggest outdoor festival in the world! Celebrate the homecoming of a loving daughter, Victory of the goddess and a demon's defeat, See how Ma Durga outshone even the mighty gods How a woman achieved an impossible feat!

Pop-up Durga ( Gods and...

£7.99 Price

Find out about the life and miracles of the fearless goddess Durga, in this beautifully illustrated pop-up book and experience her divine power.

"Explore the vibrant world of Indian mythology with 'Pop-up Durga.' This beautifully crafted pop-up book brings the powerful goddess Durga to life with intricate paper engineering. Learn about her legend, significance, and her role in Hinduism. A captivating and educational journey for readers of all ages."